About Parminder Sohal

Parminder Sohal, is a graduate of Stanford University. He obtained a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Executive MBA.

Before graduating, he was hand-picked and offered a position at Apple by Steve Jobs. In his position at Apple, Parminder, was given free control and creativity to develop anything he wanted. At that time, the Ipod was in development and he decided to create the ear phones because he said, “What is the point in developing the Ipod, if you have nothing to listen to it with?”


Since then, Parminder, has held several management, director, executive positions positions along with working closely with several world leaders. He also has an extensive and vast educational background. Parminder, has a Bachelor of Science and Geomatics from the University of Winnipeg and Engineering Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is also certified in PMP, Six Sigma, Togaf, ITIL Service Manager, Zenman Architecture, SCPM, Big Data, and Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professional.


Parminder, is also dynamic and passionate leader.  For decades, he has lead and inspired his teams of employees and equipped them with the necessary skills, knowledge, strategies, techniques, and experience to successfully complete projects. Most importantly, he has taught his employees how to become more self-aware and to have the right emotional intelligence to build cohesive teams and work environments.


“A leader is able to create reality for others who only can dream about it. A Leader can lift humanity to a level that others cannot do.” Parminder Sohal 


Parminder, is currently the Director of Mobile Innovation at HPE. He helps clients build innovative capabilities and delivery models for Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Social and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. He has been focusing on helping clients navigate through their Digital Transformation initiatives by working closely with Business (CMOs and CDOs) and IT stakeholders as they change their company’s business models to align their products/services to their customers. He is also an active participant in various industry advisory councils to help government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues in various industries.


Parminder, is the founder of OZEN Transformation Learning and OZEN Foundation. OZEN Transformation Learning fosters personal clarity, social connectedness, and organizational cohesion for personal and team culture transformation to over 30,000 participants. OZEN offers participants a range of tools for greater personal calm and clarity, so they feel more connected to teams and the organization, resulting in intrinsic motivation, creativity, and enthusiasm at work. Imagination, intuition, and creativity arise naturally from a relaxed, calm, and clear state of mind. OZEN believes that when transformation stems from self-mastery and authentic social connection, it allows leaders to more clearly observe risks and opportunities.