Alexander “Premala” Vollebregt is a teacher at the Essence Training School for Inner Work (www.essencetraining.com) and trainer/coach at the Energy Balancing Institute (www.energybalancing.me).

Ten years ago he started his path to heal his own wounds and awaken to his Souls higher calling. Since then he has committed his life to sharing the tools and teachings that have helped him grow as a person, in mind, body and spirit.


 He is the founder and owner of Avontuur – the Ark for Healing, Wellbeing and Inner Growth located in the heart of the city centre of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He offers yoga, meditation, massage and energetic healing sessions, as well as hosting events, workshop and retreats.


Through his highly sensitive nature and dynamically inspiring energy he offers a light-hearted approach to deep inner transformation.



Sandra Neerava Nash – DM Facilitator Neerava, owner of NOW YOGA (www.nowyoga.ca), Tsawwassen, BC is one of only 11 facilitators worldwide of the jet-speed Dalian Method. She studied with MADA ELIZA DALIAN (modern day Mystic, internationally acclaimed master of healing and transformation).
See https://www.madadalian. com/


Healing Workshop: Dalian Method: A New Healing Paradigm for our Evolving Humanity


– Access courage, creativity and purpose
– Transform anxiety, depression and chronic pain
– Gain clarity to permanently heal relationships and let go of the past
– Open your voice
– Discover and expand consciousness
– Rejuvenate your body and life



Parminder Sohal, has been a lover of Osho, for the past 29 years. On February 6, 2016, Parminder, received his Osho Sannyas and was given the spiritual name, “Swami Yog Nanak.” The name means, “With my open heart I invite.”


Parminder facilitates the meditations and teaching of Osho.



Reema Sohal, was also initiated into the Osho Neo Sannyas on August 6, 2016. She also received a spiritual name, “Ma Prem Reema.” Her initiation into the Osho Neo Sannyas was the most healing moments of her life where she felt so much love and blessing from her beloved master, Osho.


Reema facilitates the meditations and teaching of Osho.