About Osho Winnipeg, Meditation Center

Osho Winnipeg, Meditation Center, was created in 2014. Parminder Sohol, started the Osho Winnipeg, Meditation Center then his wife, Reema Sohal, started to join him. In a short amount of time, interest from friends and others started to grow. And, as a result, several people regularly attend Osho’s Meditations and it is anticipated to continue to grow as more people become aware of the many benefits and value people have been experiencing.


Parminder Sohal, has been a lover of Osho, for the past 29 years. On February 6, 2016, Parminder, received his Osho Sannyas and was given the spiritual name, “Swami Yog Nanak.” The name means, “With my open heart I invite.”


Reema Sohal, was also initiated into the Osho Neo Sannyas on August 6, 2016. She also received a spiritual name, “Ma Prem Reema.” Her initiation into the Osho Neo Sannyas was the most healing moments of her life where she felt so much love and blessing from her beloved master, Osho.


Most of Osho’s meditations are active. Osho’s meditation are active because he believed that for many, the body needs to be active first, to throw out its junk and go through catharsis before a person can drop into silence. Also, the active meditations are designed to first release the accumulated stresses of body and mind, so that it is then easier to take an experience of stillness and thought-free relaxation into daily life.


Osho created a number of meditations, some silent but most are active. Each meditation is supported by original music that was created by Osho and a series of stages that brings about transformation in the meditator.


Osho Winnipeg, Meditation Center, is a place where all who are interested can experience Osho’s Active Meditations. It is a place where the life and wisdom of Osho can continue to inspire others towards self-realization and awareness.


Many who have tried Osho’s Active Meditations have been receiving several value and benefits from his meditations. Listen to some of the testimonial below.